Monday, June 1, 2009

Targeted Email Marketing

We all receive a lot of email these days, a majority of which is junk, some of which are marketing emails from businesses that you are a customer of.

These companies, depending on the sophistication of their databases, have some information about you - what you bought, where you live, stuff like that. And that's not a bad thing as a customer, to have opted-in to promotions from a company that has an idea of what you like. Its great that Southwest Airlines knows I fly from PHX to SFO regularly and notifies me of deals. What I'm not interested in is getting prescription drugs, making my penis larger, or taking HGH. That's what separates email ads from outright spam.

I recently got this email promotion from an online printing company I've used several times over the last few years. They do decent printing at a low price and are great for my value-conscious clients. As an opted-in existing customer, why on earth would they send me a promotion for new customers only?

Furthermore, I've noticed a lot of companies sending more email promotions out. I'm a fan of email marketing, its cheap, and when targeted and executed properly can be very effective. But even for someone like me that has a higher tolerance for receiving opt-in mail, many companies have worn out their welcome by sending information too frequently.

So 2 rules of thumb to leave you with...
  1. No more than one email promotion per week if you legitimately have something new, unique, and relevant. Most companies should do so even less.
  2. Target your emails. Most email distribution companies have rudimentary ways of classifying your master list into multiple categories. Sort your list, and send your customers what they are interested in.

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lara tomb said...

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